Serving the Need of Students in Rural Areas

March 2, 2016 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

Guthrie Common School District, language learning, virtual learningRecently, Rosetta Stone released a video highlighting one of their most recent success stories.

The Guthrie Common School District serves the third-smallest county in the United States. Like other extremely rural school districts, Guthrie lacked the resources to provide instruction in courses outside the core subjects, including world languages. So to help students meet their graduation requirements, which call for two years of Spanish, the district founded the Guthrie Virtual School and collaborated with Rosetta Stone to offer students the flexibility of blended learning.

After a time, Guthrie’s solution was approved by the Texas Virtual School Network, which allowed their courses to be offered to other rural districts across the state. It is estimated that their solutions cover roughly a third of the TVSN language learning market.

Rosetta Stone provides the conversational backbone of the GVS course. Because there is only a teacher of record, who might be shared by dozens of students, there is very little opportunity for these remote students to practice speaking in Spanish.

Click here to check out this informative video!

This informative video sits down with education leaders in Guthrie, including Summer Reel, the head of Guthrie’s world language effort, as well as students who are currently experiencing the benefits of Rosetta Stone’s blended learning solutions.

For example, one student was spending the summer traveling to investigate post-secondary education opportunities. The Rosetta Stone program allowed him to keep up with his classwork and meet the state’s world language requirements for graduation.

As it stands, the Guthrie Virtual School has grown from 175 students to 850 students being served across the state of Texas in the 2014-15 school year. Districts who are experiencing budget cuts or personnel issues and can no longer offer certain courses come to Guthrie to keep their programs going without disrupting the learning for their students.

To find out more about how Guthrie Virtual School has grown their language learning program to serve the needs of students across the state of Texas, click here to check out this short, enlightening video.

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