Meeting the Adult ESOL Challenge

June 4, 2015 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

adult esl learners in front of desktopAdult learners come into ESL classes with a range of existing skills, from barely educated in their native language to holding advanced degrees. It’s important for an adult ESL program to engage learners at each end of across the spectrum.

Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL uses Rosetta Stone® technology to meet these goals. They help their students succeed by:

  • Supplementing classroom instruction
  • Increasing adult ESL participation
  • Helping improve CASAS scores

View our new webinar, Meeting the Adult ESOL Challenge, to learn more.

Supplementing classroom instruction

Although using language-learning technology alone has proven to be effective, in the ESL setting it’s helpful to take a blended-learning approach with classroom instruction. Our methods assist the instructor in varying their approach for diverse learners while providing practice that makes more efficient use of class time.

Increasing adult ESL participation

Adult ESL learners tend to be very busy people, often working multiple jobs or attending school at night. Adding an ESL class can seem like a big commitment. Rosetta Stone technology eases that burden by enabling students to learn anytime, anyplace. Class time can be reduced without sacrificing the acquisition of skills. This all makes adult ESL classes an attractive proposition.

Helping improve CASAS scores

CASAS is a great way to measure the effectiveness of an adult ESL program. A track record that shows improved CASAS scores is evidence of the deep foundational learning that takes place when students use Rosetta Stone software. You and your students deserve to know where they stand. You also deserve to be pleased with those results.

All of these effects are discussed in our new webinar, Meeting the Adult ESOL Challenge. You can also download the case study to read how Orange County Public Schools is approaching their growing adult ESL program.

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