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December 1, 2015 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

Teacher Resources web 300x200The journey to blended learning success sometimes requires a guide that has “been there, done that”. That’s why Rosetta Stone has assembled a wealth of resources on our new site, Language Creates.

The highlight of the site is the ability for teachers to share their own stories and tips for leveraging blended learning and Rosetta Stone in their own classrooms. It’s like being in the teachers’ lounge!

Language Creates is powered by guest bloggers and Rosetta Stone Teacher Ambassadors just like you. They share their stories on our Teacher Tuesday blog and through other means, like webinars that are designed to help teachers from across the country get the most out of blended learning.

The site is also home to a collection of resources designed to help teachers integrate online learning with their in-person instruction in the most effective way possible, including:

Do you have an opportunity to discuss your department’s future in blended learning, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our slide deck, “Ed-Tech Instruction Complements Today’s Language-Learning Classroom”.

In addition to the resources on Language Creates, we have some other resources that can help you start and continue the conversation about online language learning at your school or district. Some of the most valuable include:

All of these resources have one purpose: to help support the educator who wants to move language instruction into the 21st century through blended learning. With Rosetta Stone’s support, that transition can be not only fruitful, but easy as well.

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