Adult ESL Strengthens Parental Involvement

June 24, 2015 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

Adult ESL dad studying with his kids in front of a computerMany communities are experiencing a non-English-speaking population boom. This cultural shift can lead to parents and other adults feeling intimidated about participating in their child’s new school community.

Offering adult ESL classes with the Rosetta Stone® Community Solution for K-12 can help.

Just as students experience the power of blended learning in their language-learning classroom, the adults in the school community—including parents, guardians, and staff—can learn language skills that help them connect.

Our scalable online language-learning solution:

Offers English, Spanish, and five additional world languages

The language needs of the school community are as diverse as its people. It’s important for learners to study the language that would be of most benefit to them personally, professionally, and educationally.

Enables learning while connected to the Internet anywhere

Rosetta Stone delivers always-on language technology. Today’s busy adult learners may find it hard to accommodate an in-person class. The Community Solution lets them strengthen their language skills anytime, anywhere, so they make more progress in less time.

Empowers your staff to learn English or other languages

Staff members are your school ambassadors to the community. It’s much more effective when they are able to speak in the language in which everyone feels comfortable. Community building starts with communication.

The benefits of a connected school community are well known. Students and parents are more engaged. Teachers are more effective. Performance is improved. The Rosetta Stone Community Solution for K-12 can be a key contributor toward revitalizing the culture of your school.

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